my name is evelyn.

last updated jan 27 2024

uh oh. it seems i've outgrown my website.

I used to have some stuff here. But the problem/feature of writing and creation in general is that it feels like everything i make always has an expiration date, a point when i want to sweep it all away and start clean again. Kind of like confession. I write 10 essays that I think are okay, and then one day I read through some, and I think, this no longer represents me anymore. This is one of those times; this is me going through confession.

In the meantime, everything important about me can be summed up as follows: i am building atlas with my co-founder syd, and i love both company and co-founder deeply. i love doing improv. i love music, and i am trying to learn how to make it, day by day. my favorite color is blue, of all shades and sizes, and my favorite song for the past 7 months (and still going strong) is sunshine baby by the japanese house. finally, i am a people person, through and through, and i believe people are the only things that matter, no matter how hard it can make my life sometimes.

if you have a burning desire to talk to someone about something, i can be reached at evchin2 via gmail.